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About Us


PAWSTORE : Online pet food and accessories

We believe that in today’s time everyone are very much aware about the pets, and they love to make them their house member. But because of lack of knowledge  they are very less aware of offering their pets the best products which may help their health and fitness consistent. So in solution for that  Pawstore is here to solve all the problems with An online pet shop in Noida with all the accessories and food for Dogs and cats.


  1.  Pets food.
  2. Pets accessories
  3. Online stores for both dogs and cats.
  4. Providing the best products at reasonable price.
  5. And all the healthy food which will keep you pet fit and up to snuff.

Pawstore established in 2020 is a privately held company of Noida providing all the food and accessories for every type of dog and cat pets.

We are also the proud owner of two pets Name-

  • Husky and German Shepherd

And we believes that pets are the part of family and family needs to be cure with the best food. So, in thought of that we decided to create an online pet shop. Where we will be selling all the pets products. In all over  Delhi, NCR and beyond. Our aim is to provide the best products for your pets at a reasonable price. Which you all can afford and live happily with your pets.

We all know that Delhi is a big state, to grab one thing for our pet we need to travel for an hour. And in this hactic schedule we all wishes to skip this part and buy it online.

  • But from where to buy?
  • Is that site going to provide the best product?
    In answer for all these questions we establish an nearby online store for pets where by just clicking on phone you can get the best and healthier food for your pets.

We Pawstore as an online pet shop has been growing fast in this segment with over 200+customers served in its first month launch. We wishes to provide you best services in your experience by delivering the most healthy and nutritional food for pets and with the best pet accessories for your pet dogs and cats.

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