Emily Pets Pine Wood Cat Litter for Cats and Rabbit (20Kg, Pack of 1)

  • Size: 20 kg, Pack of 1
  • Pure pinewood without any chemical additives to clump the litter.Will not clump and only the loose wooden sawdust is to discarded , just like in the natural environment where clumping does not take place due to absence of chemicals.Absorbs odors :Eliminates bad smell within minutes. Best choice for pet owners who often leave their pets home alone.
  • Eco-friendly : It is made of specially processed and chemical free wood made of pine trees.Due to its bigger pellet size, the litter does not stick within the paws of the cat and spread all over ,messing up your house
  • Safe: It does not contain mineral dust which can be harmful to respiratory system of cats and people.Very safe for kittens’ even if the gnaw on the litter.
  • Easy to recycle: Pellets do not clog up drains so used litter may be easily flushed into the toilet.


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Emily Pets Pine Wood Cat Litte...



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