Farmina Vet Life Struvite Feline Formula Cat Food

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Farmina Vet Life Struvite Feline Formula Cat Food


  • Farmina Vet Life Struvite Feline Formula Cat Food Dissolution of struvite calculi. Urine acidification. Farmina Vet Life Struvite is a complete dietetic food for cats formulated to dissolve struvite calculi.Mode of Action:The low concentration of proteins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in Farmina Vet Life Struvite creates an unfavorable
    environment for crystals aggregation and precipitation. The acidifying action of DL-methionine and ammonium chloride creates an acidic urinary pH, which helps the dissolution and inhibits the neo-formation of struvitis. Furthermore, it creates an unfavorable environment for bacterial proliferation.

    Key Benefits:

    • 1st all-natural veterinary therapeutic diet for cats
    • Urinary pH control thanks to DL-methionine and calcium sulfate integration
    • Reduced magnesium content limits the formation of urates
    • Reduced phosphorus content helps maintaining serum phosphate levels and inhibits uroliths formation.
    • Reduced calcium content
    • Natural antioxidants reduce the cellular oxidative stress
    • Contains only natural antioxidants, thus allowing a natural preservation of the product
    • Low Glycemic index food, which modulate perfectly the postprandial glycemic response
    • Packed in protective atmosphere to avoid fats oxidation and preserve freshness of the product
    • Without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
    • Developed in collaboration with the chair of Nutrition & Animal Feeding at the University “Federico II” of Naples
    • Cruelty free scientific research
    • Made in Italy

    Recommended for:

    • Struvite uroliths



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