Sheba Melty Cat Treat – Maguro Tuna & Seafood

Sheba Melty is a cat treat that has an irresistible flavor and creamy texture. Designed to be hand-fed to your cat, it allows you to strengthen your bond with your cat.

  • A complimentary cat treat that has high palatability and taste
  • Irresistible flavour and creamy texture
  • Sleek stick format lets you feed by hand, creating a bonding moment. Thanks to its smooth texture, you can easily push the gravy cat food out of the sleek sachet and give it directly to your cat.
  • Pack contains Tuna (2 sticks) and Tuna and seafood (2 sticks) flavours
  • Great calorific value in a small serving size – 8 Kcal/Sachet

Pack of 1, Pack of 6


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