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Basil All Purpose Wet Wipes (18x20 cm)

Basil All Purpose Wet Wipes (18x20 cm)

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BASIL presents wipes for pets with the purpose of easy cleaning all over the body after meals, walks, outdoor activities, in between cleaning or any activity. Being alcohol free the wipes are completely safe to clean up entire body including face, mouth, paws, bum or any other body area. Added Aloe Vara with Vatamin E helps in conditioning the coat and keep it soft for regular use

Key Features:

  • Alcohol and paraben free ingredients ideal for cleaning the feet, mouth, ears, body and bums
  • These wipes have a deep-cleansing formula and contain moisturizing conditioners that leave your pet’s coat shiny
  • Our wipes (18*20cm size) are large enough to cover your hand and be used to wipe down large breeds. Also they are thick enough to provide a quick, easy solution to manage dander
  • 80pcs/bag works perfectly for a monthly supply and perfect for cleaning pets after walks, meals, toilet breaks, etc
  • Mild enough for everyday use, added 0.9% Saline water gives Anti-Bacterial defence form germs and reduces Odour effectively