Unleash the Wolf Within: Nourish Your Dog with Farmina N&D Chicken & Pomegranate

Does your furry friend deserve the best? Of course they do! And what's "the best" if not a diet inspired by their wild ancestors, packed with natural goodness and free from artificial fillers? That's exactly what Farmina N&D Chicken & Pomegranate Ancestral Grain Selection Adult Medium Maxi Dog Dry Food offers.


Dive into the Wild Flavors:

Imagine your dog, a descendant of wolves, roaming free and feasting on natural prey. Farmina N&D captures that essence, with:

  • 90% Protein From Animal Origin: Fueling your dog's athletic spirit with the very nutrients their ancestors thrived on.
  • 0% Artificial Preservatives: No harmful chemicals here, just pure, wholesome ingredients.
  • 0% Corn: Ditch the fillers, embrace high-quality chicken and pomegranate, gentle on even the most sensitive stomachs.
  • Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate: Packed with immune-boosting goodness, this superfood nourishes from within.
  • Select Animal Protein & Ancient Grains: Partnering with trusted farms, Farmina N&D uses spelt and oats for healthy, digestible carbohydrates.

Beyond the Basics:

Farmina N&D isn't just about ticking the boxes – it's about exceeding expectations. This complete and balanced diet caters to the specific needs of adult medium and maxi breed dogs, with a variety of delicious flavors to keep even the pickiest eaters engaged.

Give Your Dog the Gift of Ancestral Goodness:

Don't settle for ordinary food. Unleash the wolf within your beloved companion with Farmina N&D Chicken & Pomegranate. Order your bag today and watch them thrive on the power of nature's best!


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  • Discover the full range of flavors and find the perfect match for your dog's taste.
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Remember, your dog deserves the best. Choose Farmina N&D and nourish the wolf within!

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