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Constellation By Lozalo Deshedding Dog Shampoo, 375 ml

Constellation By Lozalo Deshedding Dog Shampoo, 375 ml

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Constellation By Lozalo Deshedding Dog Shampoo, 375 ml

Tackle excess shedding and promote a luscious coat with Constellation By Lozalo Deshedding Dog Shampoo. Carefully formulated, this shampoo provides a specialized solution to minimize shedding, offering a grooming experience that goes beyond cleanliness for your furry friend.

  1. Deshedding Formula: Constellation's Deshedding Dog Shampoo is designed to reduce shedding and promote a healthier coat. The formula helps remove loose fur, leaving your dog's coat looking smoother and more vibrant.

  2. 375 ml of Care: This bottle of Constellation By Lozalo contains 375 ml of deshedding goodness, providing ample quantity to make a significant impact on your dog's shedding while ensuring a thorough and effective wash.

  3. Promotes a Healthier Coat: Beyond reducing shedding, our shampoo nourishes the coat with essential ingredients, promoting overall coat health, shine, and manageability.

  4. Gentle & Effective: The deshedding action is gentle on your dog's skin, ensuring a comfortable bath experience. Say goodbye to excess fur and hello to a cleaner, healthier coat.

  5. Suitable for All Breeds: Whether you have a long-haired or short-haired breed, Constellation's Deshedding Shampoo is suitable for all. Keep your dog's coat looking its best, regardless of their breed.