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Fidele+ Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Formula 1.5kg/4kg Dog food

Fidele+ Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Formula 1.5kg/4kg Dog food

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Fidele+ gastrointestinal canine has been specially formulated for dogs and puppies suffering from gastro-intestinal and digestive issues. Fidele+ veterinary prescription diet is a premium diet conceptualized in India in collaboration with veterinary and canine nutrition experts and manufactured in the United Kingdom to maintain the highest standards of quality, the Fidele plus Veterinary Diet range benefits from a variety of high quality protein sources. Formulated without common food allergens, the range is free from beef, pork, wheat and soya. Fidele+ strives in providing an accessible nutrition solution that nourishes and supports the wellbeing of all our beloved canine companions.

Fidele Plus Veterinary Chicken & Rice Gastrointestinal Diet is a complete balanced diet to help support dogs with digestive disorders or sensitive digestive systems. Formulated without common food allergens (free from pork, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy and soya) it also contains no beef or beef products. Made in United Kingdom.


  1. Low fat (8%) to minimize fat maldigestion and gentle on the gastrointestinal system.
  2. Highly digestible protein from chicken for optimum nutrient absorption and reduced gut load
  3. Beet pulp as a good source of moderately fermentable fiber, for supporting healthy digestion.
  4. Wheat gluten free
  5. Yucca extract to help reduce stool odor and flatulence.
  6. No added artificial colors or preservatives (with rosemary extract as a natural preservative).

Dogs with gastrointestinal disease may find it harder to digest the fat in their diet. This can lead to what is known as fat maldigestion or fat malabsorption. Feeding dogs with digestive disorders a diet that is low in fat, such as Fidele+ Veterinary Gastrointestinal Diet, helps to support the function of the digestive system, as well as helping to reduce signs like diarrhoea.

Beet pulp is a by-product of sugar beet processing, which remains after sugar extraction. It helps to support healthy digestion due its rich content of moderately fermentable fiber. This fiber nourishes the cells lining your dog’s intestines, while also helping to move food and waste through the digestive system.

Yucca extract comes from the roots of the yucca plant and it contains several beneficial compounds that support gut health. Yucca extract improves nutrient absorption, reduces flatulence and decreases the production of sulfurous compounds that are responsible for unpleasant odors.

Ingredients: Chicken 29% (including Dried Chicken 26% & Chicken Fat 3%), Rice (26%), Barley, Oats, Beet Pulp (2%), Dried Fish, Brewers Yeast, Minerals, Yucca Extract (190 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents: Crude Protein 24%, Crude Fat 8%, Crude Fibre 3.5%, Crude Ash 5.5%, Moisture 8%, NFE 51%, Omega 6 Fatty Acids 1.95%, Omega 3 Fatty Acids 0.25%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphorus 0.9%, Vitamin A 14,400 IU, Vitamin D3 1,925 IU, Biotin 145 mcg. Eenrgy 348kcal/100g.

Trace elements: Iron (Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate)50 mg, Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 50 mg, Manganese (Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate) 35 mg, Copper (Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate) 12 mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 1 mg.

Feeding guidelines: Daily recommended intake per day is up to 95g for 1-5kg small dog or puppy, 95-160g for 5-10kg dog, 160-270g for10-20kg dog, 270-365g for 20-30kg dog, 365-400g for 30-40kg dog, and 400+g for 40kg+ large breed adult dog.

Size of packet: 1.5kg and 4kg.

Declarations under Legal Metrological rules Govt of India:-

Country of Origin: UK.

Imported & Marketed in India by: Orange Pet Nutrition, Gat no. 47, Opp Holy spirit school, Lonikand, Taluka haveli, pune 412216.