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JerHigh Chicken Banana Dog Treat Bulk Buy

JerHigh Chicken Banana Dog Treat Bulk Buy

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JerHigh Chicken Banana Dog Treat

Your dog will fall in love with the taste of the JerHigh Banana Stick. Give your dog the best nutrition with these delectable snacks which are suitable for all dog breeds over the age of two months. JerHigh Banana Stick is a tasty treat packed with the nutritional goodness of essential vitamins and minerals and made with good quality protein-rich chicken. JerHigh Banana Stick Dog Treat is meticulously prepared to provide a pure, tasty and easily digestible snack filled with nutritional benefits for your dog’s health. Bananas are enriched with Vitamin A to support healthy vision, zinc to help in maintaining skin and coat, collagen to help reduce signs of ageing, Vitamin E, selenium and antioxidants which helps maintaining damage caused by face radicals and promotes healthy muscle growth. These dog treats are made from fresh meat and are high in protein to ensure a healthier and shinier coat. JerHigh Dog Treats are an excellent way to keep your canine companion healthy and playful. Continue to reward your pet during training to help reinforce good behaviour. JerHigh Banana Stick is made with balanced nutrients and provides a variety of health benefits for your pet's well-being. These treats are in the shape of sticks, making them simple to feed and carry while still being easy and enjoyable for your dog to eat. It is ideal for feeding as a snack, rewarding good behaviour, and showing your pet love with some indulgent pampering!

Key Features:

  • Healthy and digestible reward.
  • Every pet snack is of high quality, making it a perfect addition to your pet's life