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Mutt of Course Raining Donuts Collar for Dogs

Mutt of Course Raining Donuts Collar for Dogs

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The place where dogs come from, it rains doughnuts. They don’t even use the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs” because everyone there is really sweet.

What's more, on the backside of this print is organic denim that's an excellent fabric for dogs. What we use is organic denim so it's completely safe and durable too. We've got many other products in denim and this is just one out of the must have collection!

Key Features:

  • Non-allergenic, breathable, durable and have anti-bacterial properties
  • Carefully crafted, stitched and finished with the best hardware for superior strength and supreme quality
  • All collars are adjustable and hand-washable

S 30-46 cm / 12-18 in
M 46-56 cm / 18-22 in
L 56-71 cm / 22-28 in

Maintenance Tip :
1. This product is not chew-proof, please keep the product away from the pet when not in use.
2. When not in use, please store the product in a dry, cool place, please prevent it from excessive heat or moisture to maximize its lifespan,
3. Handwash the product with mild soap, and not machine wash to maximize the lifespan of the product. If the product gets wet or is washed, please allow it to air dry completely before having your furry friend wear it.