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Pawsindia Tug of War Rope Toy for Dogs (Grey)

Pawsindia Tug of War Rope Toy for Dogs (Grey)

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Rope toys for dogs is India’s first one of its kind chewing companion of your dog. This one of the best dog rope toys for aggressive chewers. Aesthetically handmade in India from 100% cotton, this rope toy for dogs is great for your dog’s tugging and chewing needs. This animal rope toy for dogs is perfect for teething puppies who end up chewing all things around the house.

The toy is especially great for puppies going through the process of teething when they are about 3 weeks old and this process lasts up to when they are 6 weeks old.

The toy is also great for playing catch with your dog and even a better alternative to tennis balls as it is made from cotton which makes it non-toxic and eco friendly.

Key Features:

  • 100% cotton
  • Non-toxic, eco friendly
  • Hand made
  • Durable

Benefits of dog and rope toys:

  • Great gum strengthening solution for your dogs
  • Great for puppies who are teething
  • Great for aggressive chewers
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Cleans your dog’s teeth
  • Value for Money

Material: Non-toxic, eco-friendly, 100% cotton

How To Use: All you have to do is let your dog chew on the ball, this will help him calm his teething and chewing tendencies. It will also clean your dog’s teeth. You can clean the toy if and when you think it needs cleaning.

Suitable for- Dogs of all size

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