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Purepet Real Chicken Lickable Creamy Treats for Cats

Purepet Real Chicken Lickable Creamy Treats for Cats

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PurePet presents Chicken Infusion Cat Treats, merging premium chicken meat, liver, and hydrolyzed chicken liver for an exquisite blend. Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, taurine, and green tea extract, these treats offer a flavorful and nutritious delight for your cat. Thoughtfully crafted with flavoring agents, these bite-sized morsels ensure an irresistible taste, making them a wholesome choice for your feline friend's pleasure and vitality
    Key Features
    • Easy to hand feed
    • Creates better bonding
    • Higher moisture and easy acceptance
    • Enriched with DHA - Better brain and eyesight development
    • Better digestibility and health

          Ingredients: Chicken meat, Chicken liver, Hydrolyzed chicken liver, Flavoring agents, Chicken oil, Modified starch, Gelling agent, Vitamins, Minerals, DL-methionine, Taurine, Green tea

          Nutritional Info: Protein (Min) 5%, Crude fat (Min) 2%, Crude fibre (Max) 2%, Moisture (Max) 85%

          Directions to Use:
          Step 1: Tear open the top of a creamy treat
          Step 2: Give it a little squeeze from the bottom
          Step 3: Feed it to your cat directly by hand

          Safety Precautions: Must be stored cool and dry in room temperature in an air-tight container, away from direct sunlight. Not for human consumption