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Sniffy Starter Baby Buddy Pack 2.4KG

Sniffy Starter Baby Buddy Pack 2.4KG

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Sniffy Starter Baby Buddy Pack 

Baby buddy pack is the perfect bundle carefully curated to provide everything your furry friend needs for a healthy and happy start to life. this comprehensive kit includes gluten - free stater food, a multivitamin supplement. and dry shampoo, all carefully selected to support your puppy, nutritional and grooming needs.

sniffy stater chicken and egg- sniffy stater is made with highest quality whole chicken. developed by an exception - al team with European technology. the quality of food prepared meets the needs of growing puppies and lactating females on a daily basis.

Envito gold supplement- a nutritional supplement with multivitamin, multi minerals, amino acids, and Antioxidants complex.

Easy foam instant waterless bath - this waterless bath is a perfect foam developing formulation with shikai extract which cleanses dirt, oil, and extra sebum from skin and hair coat, making it softer and brighter. special rejuvenating fragrance controls bad body odor to give a complete bath experience to your buddy.