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Trixie Brisko Litter Tray with Rim for Cats (Pink)

Trixie Brisko Litter Tray with Rim for Cats (Pink)

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Cat litter trays are very important to the average cat owner. It is likely your cat will be in the home at the very least within the first year. So, it is during this stage that you will need a cat litter and a cat litter tray and all the things that go along with making clean up after cat waste much easier for you. Find a litter that suits you and your cat. Good litter will mask bad smells and be easy to clean out using a litter scoop. You can put a litter liner or bag in the tray to aid in emptying the entire tray regularly. Be sure the tray is a good size for your cat that they can climb in with ease.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Prevent the throwing of cat litter
  • Durable
  • Privacy to your cat
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces odour


  • Try different kinds of litter
  • Scoop at least once a day, more if you have multiple cats.
  • Make sure to remove all waste.
  • Clean your scooper to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • After scooping the litter-box or cleaning it, make sure to fill it up with an adequate amount of litter
  • Replace non-clumping-type litter twice a week at least.
  • For the clumping-type litter, if you scoop the litter box everyday, you can replace it every two to three weeks
  • Scrub the box. Every time you replace the litter, wash the box thoroughly
  • Some cleaning products, including laundry detergents, toilet-bowl cleaners, and disinfecting wipes, can be toxic to cats
  • Avoid using detergents that contain ammonia, bleach, citrus oils or those with strong smell; these substances could turn cats away.