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Trixie Dog Activity Slide and Feed Toy for Dogs

Trixie Dog Activity Slide and Feed Toy for Dogs

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Trixie Dog Activity Slide and Feed (Level 1) is designed for beginning pet gamers. This activity includes various compartments for concealing dry food and treats. Your pet will use her nose or paws to move the sliders in order to reveal the reward. This item can also be used to Slow Feeding for overly enthusiastic eaters. Non-slip rubber feet keep the base in place. Includes an instructional booklet with playful tips and tricks.

Key Features:

  • For intermediate canine players. Designed especially for small dogs
  • Flip lids using knobs
  • Slide disks to side
  • Lift up cones note that design prevents cones from being knocked over they must be lifted straight up to remove
  • Vary number and placement of treats to increase level of difficulty