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Trixie Pig Animal Sound Latex/Polyester Fleece Toy for Dogs

Trixie Pig Animal Sound Latex/Polyester Fleece Toy for Dogs

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The Trixie pig as the name suggests looks like a pig. It comes in an original grey color. The pig toy is made out of latex and squeaks whenever your dog plays with it. He or she can play with this for countless hours without tearing it apart. This is completely safe for all your pets. The toy is easy to maintain, just clean it with water when dirty. Its durable latex will ensure that your pet is not able to tear it easily. It is for all your medium and large-breed dogs. This can be especially useful and will help you to save your precious upholstery and furniture from getting chewed. This large size toy is easy to pick up and makes playing fun.

Key Features:

  • This toy is filled with polyester fleece and is very easy for your dog to grab up in its mouth and squeeze it.
  • It has a squeaker inside that produces a pig sound making it more realistic for your pets to play.
  • This toy is perfect for young dogs that have very sharp teeth.