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Trixie Playing Rope with Knots Toy for Dogs (Grey)

Trixie Playing Rope with Knots Toy for Dogs (Grey)

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Support your pet's dental health and hygiene with a Fun Chewing Rope, with cotton fibers that help to clean the teeth and gums throughout the chewing process. Ropes are great for individual chewing and for interactive play between dogs and owners, such as a great game of fetch. A special weave and natural material cause that the rope has parameters that purify the dog's teeth from the sediment, which prevents the formation of tartar and gingivitis.

Key Features:

  • A great toy for your dog
  • The toy is made of a braided, colorful, and very durable rope
  • Helps maintain the dog's oral hygiene, because cotton fibers clean teeth and massage gums during play
  • A toy dedicated to dogs of all ages
  • The cord is made of multi-colored cotton, without artificial materials
  • Brilliant to play with the owner, as well as to make the time spent at home in waiting for his return