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Vivaldis Vet Thyro 0.6

Vivaldis Vet Thyro 0.6

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Vivaldis Vet Thyro Tablets contain levothyroxine sodium which restores adequate thyroid hormone concentration, reversing hypothyroidism.

Levothyroxine is converted to hormone T3 which binds to thyroid receptor proteins and carries out the following functions:
• Controls DNA transcription & stimulates protein synthesis, exerting metabolic effects
• Increases basal metabolic rate
• Increases utilisation and mobilisation of glycogen stores
• Promotes gluconeogenesis

Clinical signs of hypothyroidism include:
• Decreased metabolism
• Weight gain without corresponding increase in appetite
• Lethargy, laziness
• Weakness, exercise intolerance
• Cold intolerance
• Slow heart rate
• Skin & coat problems
• Chronic skin infections
• Ear infections
• Alopecia
• Hyperpigmentation
• Hyperkeratosis
• Dry, dull haircoat
• Seborrhoea

Criteria for confirmation of hypothyroidism = Low Total T4+ High TSH + supporting clinical signs

Diagnosis should be made and medicine should be started only under the advice of a Veterinarian."

  • Composition : Levothyroxine sodium 0.6mg
  • Class : Synthetic Thyroid Hormone


  • For Treatment of hypothyroidism

Directions for use: 

  • As recommended by the veterinarian.

Suitable for Dogs

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